Back view of the screen, including cable tie on the right. The EWSV offers a fairly basic design, but it still looks quite nice sat on the desk. Nevertheless, the 22″ screen size was still pretty decent for viewing movies. Good black depth and viewing angles for a TN Film panel. The extra res of a 24″ screen really improves things here.

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One thing to note about the EWSV is that there is no hardware aspect ratio control offered from the screen itself. We recommend that you take a few minutes to read carefully through this brief but comprehensive manual before installing and switching on the monitor. Gamma was now corrected to the desired 2.

There may well be ways to avoid this for games if you use a software level control such as NVidia’s graphics card driversbut it would have been nice to see this supported at a hardware level, as some manufacturers like to offer.

However, it’s obvious these have been left off this model in order to keep the cost down, which still leaves this screen a niche in the market. Unfortunately there was some obvious backlight leakage at the top and bottom of the screen in a dark room.

This also puts it at a very attractive price point compared to the competing offerings from other manufacturers. Prolite Ew The cable supplied with the monitor is for a standard 15 pin D-Sub connector.

Don’t have an account? Vertically there was a slight red tint from below, and a slight blue tint from above, but to be honest, the viewing angles were overall a fair bit better than some other TN Film models we have tested. This was even slightly better than the specified Obviously these aren’t brilliant speakers, but fine for general Windows sounds.


In practice, the response time was more than adequate for some casual gaming, and most users would probably find the screen is fine for their purposes.

The EWSV is lacking a digital interface unfortunately, which means you are left with the capabilities of the analogue conversion over the D-sub connection. Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how long you feel this hardware will last and perform its function. You will notice that the listed spec of this screen is reasonably modest as compared with some of the other competing 22″ models out there.

Average DeltaE was 7. Laptop Panel Parts Database. The response time figure suggests there is no RTC technology used here more on this laterand a dynamic contrast ratio is also absent. The colours felt uneven and washed out to the eye, and analysis with the colorimeter showed that colour accuracy was way out!

iiyama ProLite E2202WS 22″ LCD Monitor Grade B

Can I Run It. As usual though, if you sit a couple of metres away, you aren’t going to notice this really. Gamma was also quite a way out at 1. The spec is characteristically TN Film and in keeping with the majority of the current 22″ market. The rear of the screen is neat and tidy really, and also offers a useful cable tidy clip as shown above.


It is always nice to see a height adjustment on screens I think, since not all users would want to work with the screen being as low down as it is. The bottom of the bezel offers integrated speakers which don’t intrude on the design too much. The screen offers only a basic tilt ergonomic adjustment which is reasonably limited in it’s range. Contact your dealer or iiyama service center for the backlight replacement when the screen is dark, flickering or not lighting up.

Size 22″WS Colour Depth Screen size of the EWSV is a nice compromise I think between comfortable desktop display, and averagely sized video screen. This means that your display is designed, manufactured and tested according to some of the strictest quality and environmental requirements in the world.

Iiyama Computer Monitor EWS User Guide |

Average dE was now 0. Very well priced for a 22″ model. Motion blur is always an issue on TFT screens, even with the fastest response times in the market. Models which do use overdrive technologies will often show an obvious improvement in pixel responsiveness and the ‘ghost’ images in the above iiymaa shots are often reduced, or even e2202ws. You need to be logged in and have a GD rank of 2 or higher to join the discussion.