One of them the CPU and another one the video chip. Position 2 — fast. Been there, done that with a Nvidia desktop card that cooked due to a fan failure. I put the motherboard on top of the stove for a surface to handle the heat from the gun. I have a gdx with an Nvidia chip that I too believe has a bad connection laptop turns on and just sits there and does not boot. I have had a thought — instead of heat guns, soldering irons, hair dryers etc, how about a cube of brass — in the oven at c. Kat October 24,

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Take a closer look at the cooling fan.

Ava March 1, I found a tip about using liquid non-clean flux dripped behind the graphics chip with a pipette. I’m not going to videoo to you just because you don’t like what I’m saying.

Bayo, There are two large chips on the motherboard. This method works well! After disassembly the Vaio stayed in bits for a couple of months.

There are two positions for hpp switch. Not cost-effective at all. At start up it shows 48c which rises to 50c. Debbie, This is an old laptop. Put everthing back togheter. I re installed winddowa vista on it and installed the right graphic drivers it seems to be working fine so far. The previous two times were handled by repairers.


The laptop had split screen and would freeze and crash with any graphic intense app. Save money for a new laptop.

HP Pavilion dv Specs – CNET

Jason December 20, I did the procedure outside and left the motherboard alone for half an hour so the pavillino had a chance to cool properly. Some one suggested I hook it up to an external screen and see if the display is better on that, but when I did hook it up it didn’t work.

I tried the heat gun on a duff ram stick and meltdown happens extremely fast. Disassemble the laptop and found the motherboard with built-in memory on it. In dv97000 to figure out how to position the heat gun and for how long, I tested it on a penny with a small piece of solder on the top. As I previously said, you are probably looking at a motherboard replacement.

I would strongly advice to backup all data as soon as possible because the laptop might fail again. Barry May 30, Then I go into the display setting by right clicking and I see that the resolution has been set all the way to the lowest setting and Pavkllion think to myself gideo wonder everything is so big on the screen.


How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

Will it last for a long time? System board motherboard – For full-featured plus Pavilion model. Is there any solution to fix it permanently.

But last evening, after pressing the power-on button on the cold computer, there was no video even though no Nvidia driver was installed. Items Will ship hours after cleared payment. Please help anybody, I would really appreciate it. Burnout March 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here. MiAug 28, Some people mentioned that I should have applied some liquid flux underneath the chip for better results.