GoPro has ‘enhanced’ its GoPro Plus subscription service to allow for two broken camera replacements per year for an ‘exchange fee’ and automatic mobile cloud backup for your photos and videos. Instead, Samsung confirmed that the phone would arrive in February. The glass on the front isn’t very robust. I suspect it’s the outer, anti-fingerprint layer that’s been damaged by a loose coin in a bag pocket or something, rather than the glass itself. Wireless charging is notoriously slow, so any improvement here is welcome, not that I have hard stats to share since I don’t have a wireless charger that outputs at 15W. I’m very careful with my phones. Leaked details of a possible inexpensive Fujifilm X-series cameras have hit the web today.

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Tiny microscope lets you see the smallest-ever inkjet prints

WD just revealed their newest consumer-facing wireless backup drives called My Cloud Home. Lead developer Dr Anthony Orth said: The team have overcome this by using microsckpe fibers fused to the rear of the lens to relay light to electronic sensors. This model was discontinued in July in favor of our new, redesigned microscope.

On ebgadget Mate 20 Pro, this has been swapped out for a color, ultra-wide 20MP sensor that microxcope increases field-of-view compared with the main, 40MP camera. It’s all about balancing speed and efficiency, but the Mate 20 Pro has an above-average battery capacity to begin with.

The best photos are taken using the specific Night mode, but as this captures multiple exposures over the course of a few seconds before being blending into a single image, it’s not ideal if there’s any movement in the frame. The older version won’t even launch on the new operating system. How do I zoom in on an object?


Making use of the added depth sensor on the front of the Mate 20 Pro, Huawei has also added what’s basically a carbon copy of Apple’s Animoji.

Huawei has grown from being a peripheral player to one of the biggest brands in smartphones in a engadegt space of time. Google has updated its Photos mobile apps to support the recently announced service for creating and printing physical photo books.

3D-printed smartphone microscope is good enough for scientists

Back to that Nicroscope chip. I’m very careful with my phones. The team behind the ubiquitous JPEG format has unveiled an all new image format designed to quickly and efficiently stream content across wired and wireless networks alike. Everything comes together with satisfying results.

The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued. The ability to shoot images at 1, fps first appeared in a Sony smartphone sensor.

However, on installing the update, some owners found their third-party batteries suddenly incompatible. Surprisingly, it actually uses less compression than traditional JPEG. The slim body and lack of bezels also keep the device manageable despite the large screen.

There’s even a high-performance mode you can enable in settings that forgets all about battery life, but I don’t know when you’d need it. The new lightweight laptop packs a whole lot of photo- and video-editing punch. Just as Google has made mostly subtle improvements to Android in the latest version, such as the digital wellness feature that lets you monitor and cap your own usage, Huawei’s kept its skin update lean.

There are a couple of other camera features that will make their way to the Mate 20 Pro over the next month or so: Mate 20 Pro leftNote 9 right Competing handsets don’t offer quite the same level of versatility as Huawei’s latest device. You can personalize EMUI with various themes, icon packs and so on, but it still feels like it’s stalled where stock Android design has kept moving forward.


Google’s latest phones only have single Aside from making the settings menu a bit neater, the company says most of what’s new is invisible, speeding up performance and responsiveness compared with the last EMUI build. QuikStories is integrated into the latest version of the GoPro app and automatically creates ‘stories’ using the video clips you’ve shot during a day.

Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Enable this in settings, put the two phones back to back and marvel at this strange act of digital parasitism.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 is a massive collaborative touchscreen display that may or may not have any practical use for professional photographers It is on paper, anyway, but I can’t verify claims that a 70 percent charge is possible in 30 minutes because my review unit included a European two-pin plug, not the UK one I need. A leaked photo of the upcoming GoPro Hero6 in its final retail packaging shows a powerful little camera that will be able to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second.