The other is that the accumulated commands can be checked and unnecessary output commands can be deleted, which minimizes wasteful printing. By issuing ID information to the paper documents themselves, in case of information leakage, details about the leaked documents, such as when and by whom that document was copied, printed, faxed, or scanned can be ascertained. Be sure to ground the machine. In the case of a failure or short circuit, an electric shock may result. Use of Fuji Xerox brand paper is recommended.

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This feature reduces the risk of falsification of digitized documents. Number of apeoosport-iii is that of the channels that can be used for communication.

The reproduction of copyrighted works literary works, musical works, paintings, engravings, maps, cinematographic works, photographic works, etc.

Unused postage stamps and post cards.

Supports Mac OS 8. Use the product with an appropriate and adequate power source and voltage displayed. This allows, for example, automatic processing of operations such as conversion to DocuWorks documents or PDFs and transfer to a PC simultaneously with reception. One is that the data sent from a client PC can be spooled on apeospor-tiii server, and then output can be started by newly issuing a print command from a compatible multifunction device or printer, which reduces the risk of unattended output documents being seen or taken away by a third party.


ApeosPort-III 4000/3010

Domestic and overseas bank notes and coins, government-issued securities, national bonds and local bond certificates. A3, 11×17″, Long apeoport-iii document Max.

Illegal eavesdropping and falsification by third parties, as well as spoofing of senders can be prevented.

Postcards made by Japan Post Service Co. A3, 11×17″] A5 [ For By-pass Tray: Output Paper Size Min. This product has an anti-counterfeit feature.

Printing speed may be lower depending on documents when printed in high resolution. ApeosPort paperless fax reception Simultaneous distribution Multi-model on-demand printing Job Flow After directing the output command from a PC, you can select an available ApeosPort to output the documents.

By setting a Job Flow to send the received fax from the mailbox of ApeosPort, digitization and distribution of the received fax documents can be achieved with ApeosPort alone. For example, with one-time scanning, ApeosPort achieves dynamic and smooth document distribution such as saving to multiple PCs and servers, and sending as an e-mail attachment, Internet fax, or regular fax.

Please be careful about the management of equipment used. Document may not be printed correctly depending on usage conditions.

ApeosPort-III – YGC Office System

If a confidential document is leaked, the exact document can be quickly investigated based on the document image. When scanned image is retrieved using CentreWare Internet Services. When A4 size document with approximately characters is transmitted in standard image-quality 8×3.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. ApeosPort allows more secure utilization of e-mails and Internet faxes. Moreover, using the ApeosWare Authentication Agent software, it is possible to set usage restrictions for copying, printing, faxing, and scanning, as well as color mode restrictions, apeosport-ii users not registered to the authentication server can also be allowed to use ApeosPort.

ApeosPort-III 4000

The total communication time will vary depending on the contents of the document, the type of machine receiving the fax, and line condition. In the case of a failure or short circuit, an electric shock may apeosport-ii. This feature does not assure complete prevention of illegal reproduction.

Please use a nation-wide call available telephone. Extension memory may be required depending on the functions used.

Up to three lines can be connected. Document registration is also possible apeosport-iii a simple operation from the control panel. By using the separately sold Image Logging System software, the image data of each document is created, accumulated, and saved.